“If I Snore Does It Mean I Have Sleep Apnea?”

Not necessarily. The way to find out is to take a Sleep study in a hospital environment or at home.

“What Are Some Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea I May Display While Sleeping?”

You May Display:

  • Loud irritating snoring
  • Choking and gasping for air
  • Pauses in breathing
  • Snoring requiring seperate bedrooms

“I Can’t Tolerate My CPAP Device, Should I Wear An Oral Appliance (Dental) To Take Its Place?”

Yes, even though a CPAP is the gold standard, over 50% find it in tolerable and should switch to an oral appliance.

“How Does The Oral Appliance Work?”

The oral appliance pulls the lower jaw forward and opens up the upper airway.

“Is Treatment Covered By My Dental Or Medical Insurance?”

We accept medical insurance and Medicare. For additional information please contact us directly so we can better assist you.